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     Rung-Pung School Profile        

         The Rungpung School is a private school located in Sungai-Golok District of Narathiwat Province in the southern part of Thailand, bordering the Kalantan State of Malaysia.

          The Rung-Pung School is now a high school up to grade nine and separately having kindergarten. A school educational system can be comparable with capital city system. The school motto is to emphasize on the student “good behavior and excellence in study.” The feedback was tremendously welcomed since its inception on 1988.

          Among many activities the school participated and winning awards from time to time, but the most prestigious one is an award from His Majesty the King of Thailand in appreciation of the school’s achievement in setting up standardized educational system as well as the school’s environmentally friendly and naturally on 40,000 m compound full of plants and trees. Some observed, however dubbed it as the garden school



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